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How is the Young generation influenced by technology giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon operating in India?

With advancement in Technology, we often find ourselves being more and more dependent on technologies rather than human. The digital world has changed the human world completely and has taken our imagination to a whole new possible level where our ideas innovate products.

The effect of advanced technology has affected the younger generation the most. We often see youth stuck to their phones without noticing anything happening around their surroundings. Technologies do have made our lives easier but have made us cut ourselves up from the real social world and has connected us to an internet-based social life. 

The most popular tech giants that have made an everlasting impression on the younger generation are Google, Facebook, and Amazon!

If you want to search something, Google is your ultimate solution. If you want to socialize Facebook is the place to be. If you want to buy anything, Amazon is the place to shop at. And the main thing above all is; you can do all these just sitting at home. Yes, everything in this world of innovation is just at your fingertips. 

India like all other countries is a country where its younger generation is solely dependent on the internet for almost everything. In order to make our lives easier we have given our younger generation a chain tapped across their fingertips which is both beneficial and harmful for them. These innovations surely save your time, effort and money but are also making you unsocial, negligent and are taking you far away from the real world, your people and your surroundings. 

The Internet has dual face depending on the way one uses it. If you are using these tech giants in a useful and careful manner then it surely is a boon for you, but if not then it can be portrayed as the sinister and harmful use of technology.

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